Saturday, November 29, 2014

Child Development

1. How do humans differ to animals? In how they form attachment?

Humans are animals. The only difference is that some humans have the ability
to control their basic instincts by using their brains, and most humans don't have
the ability control their basic instincts any better than animals. Animal may be
 just as intelligent and cognitive as we are. Look at what other primates do
 in making and using tools. They also kill each other.Animals don't know about
 their past or future but humans know about their past and about their history
and also theyarrange their future.

2.Who does infant attach to?( How does the caregivers behave?)
Mother is very important to an infant the first person that the infant first met is
mother after mother babies develop attachment relationships with their main
caregiver like father, grandmother, grandfather , sisters , brothers, or people
who is soft when they speak to them.


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